Day 3 Runmageddon Global Caucasus 2019

Thursday, 18 July 2019

The third day of Runmageddon Global in the Caucasus will not be the longest stage of this year's edition. What's more - we will appear in the areas which we’ll already know from the previous days, which means Gergeti and Stepancmind. But what is the real challenge of this day is ... approach to the foot of Mount Kazbek. Literally.

During the previous edition, the Participants of Runmageddon Global Caucasus had the opportunity to conquer the route around the famous Cminda Sameba monastery - one of the most photographed object in all of Georgia. The routes around the monastery, located on more than 2,000 m.n.p.m., turned out to be one of the main places to be remembered by the Participants. But this time we go a step further and higher.

This year Kazbek will not only be the background for our challenge. It will be its integral part. Of course, we will not climb it, but the route for the 100km formula will lead you to the very bottom of the mountain. You can’t get closer without climbing equipment, so we'll reach the limit given. It’s not possible to take a walk in this place - but Runmageddon Global will run there. And the monastery, which most people admire from the bottom and side, we will see it ... from above. We'll be almost 1000 meters higher.


Formula 100km

For the 100km formula, the third day will be around 22km long. The start will be at an altitude of 1770 m.n.p.m., but it’s highest level the route will reach around 12.5-13 km on the Kazbek run-up to the height of 2937 m.n. Thus, the level difference at this stage will be 1167 meters. So, what you can expect is a really tough verification of your condition. Despite a clearly shorter distance, we will prepare 4 regeneration points, at: 5.5; 13.5; 18.5 and 22 kilometer.




Formuła 50km

Participants of the 50km formula will have about 12.5 kilometers to cover during the third day. The route will not lead directly to the foot of Mount Kazbek, but it does not mean that it will not be equally demanding. The start will be located at the same level as the 100km formula, that is 1770 ASL, and its highest point will be at 2180 ASL. The difference will therefore be 410 meters. However, you will have to face this altitude... twice. The area northwest of Cminda Sameba will be a place from where you can admire Kazbek and the famous monastery. For this formula, we will prepare 3 regeneration points at: 4, 9 and 12.5 km.