Run at sunrise - the second stage of Runmageddon Sahara

Friday, 15 March 2019

The second stage of Runmageddon Sahara began before sunrise. Participants took off at night, and the road was illuminated only by stars and flashlights placed on their foreheads. On that day, they overcame the most beautiful dunes of the Sahara. The ground on which they were running were very demanding. The sand was getting into shoes and clothes, which significantly impeded the run. - Today's route was definitely shorter and extremely picturesque. We started at night, so the temperature did not bother, like the previous day. Yesterday the perceptible temperature was 50 degrees Celsius, which beat the hell out of us. – says Jacek Parol, the participant of the 50km formula. He also, together with his colleagues have dedicated an extreme race in the Sahara to a colleague fighting cancer #tatabezraka [eng. dad without cancer]. Defeating the second stage, the participants had the opportunity to see an unusual view of the desert dawn and numerous caravans in the rising sun beams. The beauty of the landscape compensated for the difficulty of this stage.